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Oh, hi!

That’s very simple.

We have created a FREE detector for crypto projects, so the process of finding a potential investor on a bear market is now faster.

You see, we’ve made plenty of expensive, bureaucratic B2B-audits and realised - there must be a way to make this process as easy as possible for both sides.

We understand that the market
is very tough right now.

That’s why the detector is
not only FREE, but it will also
get you in touch with
potential investors.

You fill up the detector with most important authentic info

You receive a gold medal in the email within 1-2 business days

You place the gold medal
on your website

Your contact information
is forwarded to the 120 investors

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about us

This project is a non-profit part of the Indacoin ecosystem.
Our team has been on the crypto market since 2014.
You may know us from the on-ramp, marketing agency, or local media.
Feel free to ask us any questions:

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